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The Cloister – Celtic Advent (Part Four)

Episode Four

We hope you have enjoyed this retreat exploring how the Celts celebrated advent.
Here you can find out more information about our retreat leader David Cole (Brother Cassian).

Celtic Advent

This inspirational book takes the reader through Advent to the celebration of Christmas through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic Christianity. Starting in November and reflecting on Jesus’ coming at his birth as well as into our lives by the Holy Spirit and at the world’s end, the author offers a unique approach to the season to help you gain a new sense of wonder in the birth of Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

“This beautiful book is clear. It is holy. It begins with the concept of Advent and ends with the celebration of Christmas. In between it spends three ten day periods exploring Christ’s first coming, his present coming into our lives and his future coming. If you pay attention to each day’s reflections you will become part of a life-changing Advent adventure and Christmas will become part of you.”
Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda

Celtic Lent

This inspirational book takes the reader through the 40 days of Lent to the celebration of Easter through the eyes and beliefs of Celtic Christianity. Drawing on primary sources of pastoral letters, monastic rules and the theological teaching of the Celtic church, the author presents a different perspective on the cross of Christ and draws us to see our own life journeys with a new and transforming vision.

David Cole is a careful, wise and skillful writer and guide. His books 40 Days with the Celtic Saints and Celtic Lent : 40 days of devotions to Easter are worth investing in. David shares his deep knowledge of the Celtic tradition and opens up history and practice in an accessible and illuminating way. At heart he has the spiritual well-being of the reader to mind as we are encouraged to pray, to look and perceive the spiritual with new eyes and so resource our pilgrimage. Your search and yearning for God will be deepened and enlarged through David’s work.”
The Revd Canon Professor James Woodward,

Principal Sarum College, Salisbury

Celtic Year

Following the ancient rhythm of the Celtic year, these prayers, meditations and liturgies will help you focus on the natural flow of life as it changes around you.

Based on the eight points of the Celtic year – the four season changes, and the four midpoints of each season – and moving from winter to spring, summer and harvest, each of the eight sections includes a liturgy for a full service, a week of daily readings, guided contemplations and a selection of prayers and blessings.

David has provided us with a beautifully crafted, richly resourced and easy-to-use worship book that will enable us to worship our God in tune with the seasons. I felt my heart lifted by the compelling blend of ancient stories of faith, enlivening scriptures, thoughtful reflections and earthy, yet heaven-touching, prayers and blessings.
Michael Mitton, leader of international Celtic pilgrimages and author of Restoring the Woven Cord

Celtic Saints

The life stories of the Celtic saints are inspirational. They demonstrate great and unassuming faith, often in the face of insurmountable difficulties. In Celtic Saints David Cole draws us to relate our own life journey and developing relationship with God into the life story of the Celtic saint of the day. A corresponding biblical text and blessing encourages and motivates us to transform our lives for today’s world in the light of such historic faith.

Other Books by David

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