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The Cloister – Episode Five

Episode Five

At the start of a new year we are inundated with encouragement to take up new habits and routines. (If you are anything like me they normally last until about the 15th of Jan!) Instead of creating new years resolutions why not prayerfully consider crafting your own ‘rule of life’ instead. In this episode I am joined by Steve Macchia author of the book “Crafting a Rule of Life”.
You can find out more about Steve at his website here and his ministry website Leadership Transformations here.

Crafting a Rule of Life

our personal rule of life is a holistic description of the Spirit-empowered rhythms and relationships that create, redeem, sustain and transform the life God invites you to humbly fulfill for Christ’s glory. All of us have an unwritten personal rule of life. We wake at certain times, get ready for our days in particular ways, use our free time for assorted purposes and practice rhythms of work, hobbies, and worship. There is already a rule in place that you are following. Isn?t it time to give up your unwritten rule and prayerfully write one that more closely matches the heartbeat of God? In this practical workbook Stephen A. Macchia looks to St. Benedict as a guide for discovering your own rule of life in community. It is a process that takes time and concerted effort; you must listen to God and discern what he wants you to be and do for his glory. But through the basic disciplines of Scripture, prayer and reflection in a small group context you will be lead forward in a journey toward Christlikeness. The invitation is transformational, so brace yourself for sweet release. By letting go and trusting God, you will receive the gift of life in its fullest and richest form.

You can order a copy from Amazon here.

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