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The Miracles Unboxed – John Bell (FULLY BOOKED – waiting list open)

The miracles unboxed with John Bell 21st – 27th September 2024. (FULLY BOOKED)

(WAITING LIST – please contact to add your name to the waiting list).

The miracle stories in the Bible are that section of the Gospels to which the least attention is paid. It may be that contemporary believers are cyncial about them or believe that in time science or anthropology will explain them away. But there are thirty one of them, and no two are the same; and if you removed them from Mark’s Gospel, it would be an even smaller book than it is presently.

For a number of years, John Bell has been exploring these stories with people of different ages and attitudes, and is convinced that we should stop looking for ‘the right answer’ and instead consider how human experience can unlock in them profound spiritual and moral insights which are waiting to be unveiled.


6 Nights: £762 per adult, £381 for reduced rate – see our programme page for more information.