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Monastic Experience Retreat

En-suite £450.00 / Standard £400.00

During this retreat you’ll have the chance to live the life of monk yourself for a short while, according to an ancient rhythm to balance our needs and nourish our truest selves.

Each day a monk will offer food for reflection – aspects of St Benedict’s thousand-year old wisdom that might help to enrich your life as you live it today.

This week will give you the opportunity to step back for a short time, to read, to pray or to be in silence as well as discuss and share with like-minded others, so that you will be renewed and be able to re-engage with your life with fresh energy, enthusiasm and wisdom.

If you would like to take part in this retreat, please fill in your details below and a member of our team will contact you about your enquiry as soon as possible.

“Wonderful to get to know the Community better and to experience for a few days a beautiful rhythm of life” – Previous Retreatant

Can’t make this date? We have another Monastic Experience Retreat in November. Find out more here.

This guided retreat includes full board and light refreshments.

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