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Love’s Urgent Longings With Gillian Coxhead

Led by Gillian Coxhead

St John of the Cross wrote; ‘I looked at your Cross, O Christ, and there read the song of your love.‘  On this retreat we will have the opportunity to explore what it is to be ‘fired by loves urgent longings’, to go out into the ‘Night’, to sing Christ’s song of love in the World.

Suggested donation £190

Gillian’s life is inspired, guided, and challenged by many years of engagement with Carmelite Spirituality, especially the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross. She writes, speaks and leads retreats enriched by these deep spiritual encounters.

She is married with four sons and works as a nurse in Accident and Emergency. She is a friend of the L’Arche community in Preston and a trustee for a charity supporting children in Malawi.

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