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Jesus the Contemplative Teacher:Recovering our hidden treasure

This event has ended

Sat 22 June | Online | £25

“Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5)

Jesus taught a wisdom-path of radical self-emptying, listening, response and love: a “Way” of liberation that has been called the en-Christing process. And yet, this wisdom tradition has become lost to so many today. It has (sadly) become one of Christianity’s best kept secrets.

In the words of Martin Laird OSA: “While we continue to see fewer and fewer people regularly attending church services, their deep, genuine longing for the depth-dimension of Christianity has only grown through the years. Sadly, most Christians have absolutely no idea that Christianity has anything to say about this, much less that it has its own vibrant contemplative tradition.”

In this one day online retreat, we will meet Jesus the Contemplative Teacher

Reflecting on the recorded sayings and the accounts of his life in scripture, we will explore Jesus’ invitation to:

  • Journey through the noisy activity of the mind to the silent depths of the heart and its life-renewing gifts
  • Replace fear with trust
  • Move from bondage to freedom, from distractedness to wholeness 
  • Know the infinite, unconditional love of God. 

Never before in our history has it been more important to encounter a wisdom tradition which teaches that prayer is an ever-deepening journey into the oneness of God’s love, a letting-go of self-consciousness that leads us into harmony with each other and all creation.

As Jesus taught, our spiritual growth, our growth as human beings, springs from the wisdom and healing processes of silence. Scripture only comes alive when it is nurtured by and leads to silence – the silence we discover to be the living presence of Christ in our hearts.

The central focus of this experiential retreat will be silent meditation practice, allowing ourselves to encounter the contemplative teachings of Jesus by way of our deepening silence. 

In the words of Rowan Williams, “…with our minds made still and ready to receive, with our self-generated fantasies about God and ourselves reduced to silence, we are at last at the point where we may begin to grow.” 

The retreat will be relevant and accessible to anyone searching for truth and peace, regardless of their faith, beliefs or previous experience of meditation.

The retreat schedule

A detailed schedule will be circulated nearer the time or is available on request now (  


Tickets are priced at £25 without a donation or £35 with a donation. 

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Comments received after other online events

“I thought the event was exceptional! I cannot begin to describe the clarity and energy I have felt since the session.”

“I just wanted to profoundly thank you for the incredible, enlightening and peaceful workshop. The aura of wisdom, calmness and hope you exude and project through your words and teachings were very exciting and inspirational.”

Retreat leader

Chris Whittington is the Founder of The School of Contemplative Life. The charity’s vision is to help people establish peace in themselves and become places of peace in the world.  His spiritual formation began when he arrived at Prinknash Abbey Benedictine Monastery aged 19. Over the next few years, the monks at Prinknash Abbey opened his eyes to so much. He learned that meditation is an ancient way of silent prayer which sits at the heart of Christianity – a path to peace, community and our common ground in God. He learned that when we re-connect with the ground of our being through contemplative practice, we are not only restored to ourselves, but to each other.


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