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Flesh, Truth, Sacred Body: Exploring Dance and Movement as a Spiritual Journey

he “Flesh, Truth, Sacred Body Retreat” is a 5-day journey designed to explore the profound connection between the body, movement, dance, the creative process, and self-awareness. Drawing inspiration from ten creative journeys, this experience weaves together movement, introspection, and meditation, guiding participants on an enriching voyage of self-discovery, spiritual connection, and holistic well-being.

The primary purpose of this retreat is to offer a contemplative and transformational experience. Participants will be invited to embark on an inner dance journey, delving deep into their emotions, memories, and bodily sensations, thereby crafting their own unique and authentic dance expressions.

Key elements of the retreat include the discovery of creative dance movement experiences that explore the vital space surrounding the body, a heightened exploration of the senses, contemplative practices, and a profound connection with the realms of flesh, truth, and the sacred body. Journaling activities will also be incorporated to facilitate the integration of experiences and reflections.

Throughout the retreat, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their awareness of both their physical and emotional bodies, fostering a deeper connection with their inner wisdom and sacred selves. The program will feature moments of reflection, sharing, and collective growth within a supportive group setting.

This retreat warmly welcomes individuals of all abilities, with or without prior dance experience, who seek to freely express themselves through movement and contemplate the body as flesh, truth, and sacred. No prior dance experience is required—only a willingness to embrace the creative process and embark on an inner journey of exploration.

This retreat is both for the beginning and ongoing meditators. There will be four periods of meditation a day to accommodate your level of practice. Mornings will be in silence through breakfast and lunch, with the afternoon opening to times of rest and solitude and a convivial dinner where you can get to know your neighbour.

This event takes place at Bonnevaux and offers an opportunity to discover the rich cultural and historical French and European heritage of the 12th-century Abbaye de Bonnevaux, as well as to explore the varied and natural beauty of the land which we cultivate as a model of ecological responsibility.

Ida Mara Freire

Ida Mara Freire, a member of WCCM in Brazil for nearly two decades, embarked on her novitiate journey a few years ago. Her extensive background in Pedagogy, specialized knowledge in Dance, a Ph.D. in Psychology, and post-doctoral research on disability arts, forgiveness, and dance in England and South Africa make her a seasoned and insightful guide for this transformative retreat.

ArrivalWednesday 25 September 2024, check-in: 13h30 – 15h30
DepartureMonday 30 September 2024, after lunch (14h00)
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