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Advent Retreat: Shepherds and Innkeepers

This event has ended

8 December 2023 – 10 December 2023

Fr Bede Leach OSB

Fr Bede will take you on an early Advent opportunity to get to know some of the smaller Nativity figures as they respond to the offer of a lifetime or turn a deaf ear to it. Leave your card writing aside and get ready to meet someone you know very well. 

“Thank you for making Advent change for me. I now realise how little I knew about it, and how much more I have yet to learn.” – Previous retreatant. 

“I can take back the message to my family. The Retreat has made Christmas for me” – Previous retreatant.

This guided retreat includes full board and light refreshments.

If you live locally, you can now join this retreat as a non-resident for £66 which includes a two-course lunch and refreshments Saturday – Sunday.

Options & Prices:

Non-Residential (inc. 2-course lunch & refreshments) £66
Standard room full-board£160
Ensuite room full-board£180
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