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Buckfast Abbey

Monks and nuns have welcomed travellers for 1500 years. They still do today at Buckfast. The remains of the great medieval Guest Hall bear witness  to our predecessors’ commitment to this duty in past centuries.

Gentlemen are welcome to stay for a few days in the Monastery Retreat Quarters. Accommodation in the Retreat Quarters is offered for a maximum of 7 days and is intended for those wishing to attend a quiet spiritual retreat. For guests wishing to enjoy more of a holiday-style stay, Northgate House Hotel is more appropriate. Ladies and married couples are encouraged to contact to enquire about taking a retreat in the separate ‘St Petroc’s Retreat House’. Click here for more details

Guests are able to attend the Daily Office and Conventual Mass of the Monastic Community.

The Retreat Quarters are accessed by several flights of stairs, as is the Abbey Church from the Retreat Quarters. There is no lift in the Monastery for access to the Retreat Quarters.

Guests may leave a donation for their stay. Donations should cover the costs of the stay.

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