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About us

For over a decade we have both benefited greatly from staying at monasteries and going on led monastic retreats in the UK (mainly at Worth Abbey in Sussex and Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight). We have always found these times of retreat and reflection to be life giving and nourishing as we follow Christ.  

When we have returned from our short stays at monasteries, our friends and colleagues have often commented on how wonderful it would be to go away on retreat but remark that they never know where to begin. After much thought and prayer we have decided to build a website where people can find all the information they need about visiting a monastery and experiencing a monastic retreat here in the UK. Including how to go about organising a stay at a monastery and details about led retreats that monasteries may be offering.

Our desire for this web based project is to link lay people (and clergy) with monastic communities so that they might experience the same sense of peace and community that we have experienced when going on retreat.

May this app and our accompanying website be a blessing to you on your pilgrimage.

Monastic Retreats